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New Year, New Trends- Your 2024 Fashion Forecast

New Year, New Trends- Your 2024 Fashion Forecast

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With a new year comes new trends. It can be overwhelming to figure out what is in and what is out in terms of fashion. Our guide is here to help you discover what you should be shopping for to look like the trendiest person in the room!


1. Quiet Luxury

One of the top trends that we will see in 2024 is the idea of quiet luxury. This means wearing pieces that look expensive, but don’t necessarily come with a high price tag. It has also been referred to as “old money” style, which means you should be thinking high-quality materials and perfect tailoring.


2. Very Feminine

In 2024 you are going to see a lot more styles that fall into the more feminine category. Think lots of pinks and bows. Whether this is a short pink dress with a bow or floral prints with lacey details, you are guaranteed to see a lot more of this feminine style.


3. Pops of Color

While neutrals will always remain in style, a stunning pop of color is going to help you stand out front the crowd this year. Colors such as lavender, canary yellow, and millennial pink will have you right on trend. Whether you choose to accessorize with a bright pair of shoes or go head to toe in a color, you will surely turn heads.


4. Sustainability

We have seen sustainable fashion becoming increasingly popular over the years and we know that this will be here to stay in 2024. Keep an eye out for brands that use sustainable fabrics and don’t be afraid to dip into the world of of vintage clothing.


Get ready for a year filled with beautiful styles, colors, and fun pieces of clothing. Fashion should be fun and with these tips, you will be the go-to for fashion advice!

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