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Managing Extracurricular Activities: Finding Balance for Kids’ Hobbies

Managing Extracurricular Activities: Finding Balance for Kids’ Hobbies

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When life begins to get crazy after summer, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with everyone’s schedules. You likely have kids going back to school, picking up hobbies again, and managing your own personal obligations. These easy tips will hopefully help you find balance between life and your kids’ hobbies.


1! Keep a Calendar

Maybe you are someone who loves writing in a planner or you prefer to use a Google calendar. Either way, try to write down everything that is happening for the week including extracurricular activities, work commitments, and personal obligations. This will allow you to see how much free time you have for the week so you can add things in or give yourself some time to relax.


2) Set Limits

It is great for kids to be involved in extracurricular activities, but it is also important that kids do not become completely wrapped up in activities without being able to do other things. Depending on how much time each activity takes each week, you may need to limit your child to one or two extracurriculars. They also need time to rest and focus on schoolwork.


3) Don’t Expect Perfection

If you are managing extracurriculars for multiple kids, you must understand that things will not be perfect. You might miss a practice or game here or there. That is okay! It is difficult to manage schedules for multiple family members and there will be times when things do not go as planned. Be okay with bumps in the road!


4) Check In with Your Kids

 It is also important to check in with your kids. Be sure that schoolwork is getting completed, they aren’t falling behind, or feeling overwhelmed. It is critical that they are happy with their extracurriculars and are not getting burnt out.


We hope these tips will help you manage your busy household and still enjoy the extracurriculars! It is important to find a good balance so that every family member remains happy and having fun.

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